Solution Partners

  • Rheinmetall AG

    Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH

    RWM manufactures efficient self-defense systems for platform protection against TMs (target missiles); RWM’s sea-platform solutions in Turkey are represented by AYKOR. Within this scope, decoy ammunition needs of Naval Forces Command have been met, and studies are ongoing to create efficient solutions regarding decoy launcher systems and ammunitions.

  • Oceanworks International Inc

    Oceanworks International Inc

    Oceanworks International, represented by our company, is one of the leading firms in the world regarding production of various special-design systems and tools for Deep Diving, Data gathering from ocean floor, Submarine Rescue Systems and Seafloor oil wells. Further, our activities as the sub-contractor of new Submarine Rescue Mother Ship and Rescue and Towing Ships projects of Turkish Naval Forces Command related to performing rescue systems with a high local content ratio, is ongoing through our Joint Venture company with OWC in Turkey.

  • Life Support International

    Life Support International

    LSI, located in USA, is one of the most well-known manufacturers regarding Safety, Security, Survival and Rescue equipment. Our company is the sole authorized representative of LSI for Turkey. Supply of Parachutes and Life Preserver /Survival Vests in Meltem II and Meltem III projects, as well as various vests and lifesaving materials used by Naval Forces, Coast Guard, and Air Forces, are realized by us, using LSI products.

  • Patriot 3 Inc

    Patriot 3 Inc

    Our activities, as Partiot 3’s Turkey representative, are running with regard to its solutions developed for Special Forces.

  • RFD Beaufort

    RFD Beaufort

    Aviation section related to Air Dropped Life rafts of RFD Beaufort, being one of the limited number of life raft manufacturers in the world, is represented by our company. Within this respect, maintenance of life rafts delivered in Meltem II and Meltem III projects is being provided by our certified service station under our responsibility.

  • Divex Underwater Equipments

    Divex Underwater Equipments

    Our activities related to diving and diving equipment section of Divex Ltd are being successfully continued for a long time.

  • EST Eisenbahn-Systemtechnik GmbH

    EST Eisenbahn-Systemtechnik GmbH

    The procurement project, regarding buffers of 30 ea passenger cars manufactured by TUVASAŞ for Bulgaria, has been accomplished within a tight schedule together with EST, manufacturer of Elastomer Crash Buffers which are becoming a new standard in railways

  • IME Autolift

    IME Autolift

    IME Autolift / Austria is manufacturer of “custom made” fixed and mobile lifting jacks for train / locomotive / train sets, turn tables and other special systems with desired specifications in Railways / Metros and Trams. As IME Autolift’s Turkey representative, we succeeded numerous projects in TCDD and İstanbul Ulaşım Corp. and provided service support as well.



    Our activities related to introduction of all kinds of NiCd batteries by Zavod Aid Russia to Turkish market is ongoing together with a Poland/Russia partnership ‘Almides’.



    LOCCIONI is a pioneer in its field of activity in terms of engineering, manufacturing, and solution providing. Turkey and Middle East representation of Loccioni with regard to vacuumed discharge and cleaning systems required for the most convenient and fastest cleaning and hygiene of railway toilet cabins is being performed by AYKOR/MARINEX Group. Generated solutions are designed so as to serve TCDD’s high speed train sets and installation work is started. A close collaboration with the company is also running in terms of advanced test equipments and renewable energy solutions.

  • CORYS T.E.S.S.

    CORYS T.E.S.S.

    Our studies in Turkey with the French simulator manufacturer are ongoing related to 2- and 3- dimensional training simulators of rail systems.

  • ANALOX Sensor Technology

    ANALOX Sensor Technology

    ANALOX, one of the major manufacturers in the world with regard to analysis of Submarine, Diving and beathing air systems, is located in UK; its Turkey representation is performed by our company.

  • Manufacturing Diving & Hyperbaric Chambers