Examples of our recently accomplished projects;

Defense Industry

Within the scope of MELTEM II project of Naval Forces and Coast Guard Commands, solution partnership including design, training, maintenance and repair, assembly, test-trial, and certification of 8 sub-systems for 9 ea CASA Maritime Patrol Aircrafts; within the scope of MELTEM III project, performing similar activities for 10 ea ATR 72 aircrafts,

For the first time in Turkey, together with its system partner, supply and delivery of the most equipped and modern Atmospheric Diving System (ADS 1200 Hard Suit) in the world, with underwater rescue ability at 365 meter, specially designed for the needs of end user and capable of realizing all desired functions,

For Naval Forces Command, integration and delivery of Side Scan Sonar System,

Supply and delivery of fully integrated Emergency Life Support System (ELSS),

Supply and delivery of Passive Protection Systems providing a highly efficient protection for maritime platforms,

Together with its Canadian system partner, sub-contractorship of Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP) and Rescue and Towing Ships (RATSHIP) projects of Undersecretariat for Defense Industries for underwater rescue systems.

Rail Systems

TCDD, supply and delivery of Locomotive / Wagon Lifting Jacks,

İstanbul Ulaşım Corp., supply and delivery of Lifting Jacks and Maintenance Depot Equipments,

Istanbul Ulaşım Corp., supply and delivery of Spring Test Device,

TUVASAŞ, supply and delivery of CRASH BUFFER for EU project

TCDD, supply and delivery of Field Lighting Systems

TCDD, Installation and turn-key delivery of Vacuumed Discharge and Cleaning System to be used for High Speed Train (HST) Sets