Towards a Stronger Future

In a world that is changing rapidly in almost every field, so does the business of global trade which is also widely affected by this rapid change of the world. With each new change comes a brand new challenge to be undertaken.

In this increasingly competitive and challenging environment, it is indispensable to focus on developing effective business strategies and creating the necessary operational plans in order to develop the right solutions and align them with current technology in order to increase performance and market share. This is a necessary process to be able to turn returns into investments.

Since 1982, we have realized our big dream of being present in a wide geography from the Far East to the USA, including Europe. With the principle of “Continuous Awareness”, we have succeeded in becoming a global brand that is active in the relevant markets, especially in turnkey project management in private, public and military procurement tenders.

By always thinking one step ahead, we are committed to producing new professional solutions to the changing needs of our customers. In this context, we continue our activities on five continents with our liaison office in the USA and our Representative Companies in South Korea, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh and Greece. In addition, the high share of domestic contribution we have achieved through the successful ventures we have established with multiple Joint Ventures is another indicator of our justified pride.

In addition to our logistical superiority, our customer portfolio includes the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, Turkish Armed Forces (Land-Sea-Air-Coastal Security), NSPA (NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency), DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration of Republic of South Korea), German Ministry of Defense (German MOD-BWB), ARMSCOR (South African Armed Forces) and shipyards.

Our advantages also make a difference in our business profile. In addition to our work presence in the defense industries, our company is a successful solution partner to its customers in the industrial industries. Especially in the field of railways our Company continues its activities with national and international institutions and organizations such as TCDD, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, İETT, Hellenic Railways, Deutsche Bahn, Azerbaijan Railways, Bangladesh Railways.

As a result of our areas of expertise and with years of experience, we are proud to be able to supply all kinds of materials using a supply network of more than 1500 manufacturers from 26 different countries with the support of international liaison offices and representative offices.

Our ambitious goals will never end. Our goal for the near future is; “To grow our company on the axis of sustainability and to continue to increase our understanding of solution partnership strengthened by production.”

As I conclude, with our talented team, valuable business partners and qualified customer profile, I would like to once again emphasize that our motto is “Towards a stronger future!”.

My deepest regards…