R & D

Since 30 years, Aykor Corp., together with Marinex GmbH, provides service in industrial and defense sectors; works on product research and development, supply, installation, and integration issues in parallel to customer demands in defense industry and industrial areas in terms of both in-Turkey and also in global axis.

Being a company with high targets, strong in its sector, and creating difference, focusing on R & D issues, generating various strategies, and running production oriented activities are among our main concerns. Within the context of developing new product or providing scientific infrastructure for new product development under R & D activities; participating in technopark formations by means of joint ventures with strong global companies which are experts in their fields is among our recent hyper strategic activities; in this way, it has been aimed to keep sources in our country and to transfer foreign-origin technologies.

In the direction of this vision, as Aykor-Marinex Group, necessary attempts have been made to take place in Istanbul Technopark, and following successful completion of scientific commission and other phases, our firm has been selected from 1034 applicants and managed to become one of 100 firms benefiting from facility allocation.

Sample projects:

Floating Security Barrier

Aykor Corp. is dealing with research and development activities in defense industry by university-industry collaboration with esteemed universities in our country. Floating Security Barrier is one of our projects that we perform research and development activities regarding sea and harbor security in military and civil sectors.

For the coastal states, maritime power is mostly a requirement of defense policy; however, in today’s global world, no economy can survive without support of international trade, and as for the centuries, also today, sea transport constitutes the major network in trade; hence protection of these routes and bases and harbors in the main stops gains priority for all states. Therefore, within the scope of security strategies shaped with “a better and safer world” slogan, the first recurred thing becomes terrorism, and preventing this threat increases in importance for sea security and in this context, for base-harbor defense.

Aykor Corp. offers Floating Physical Barrier solution to prevent threats from sea. The project is developed so as to be shaped in accordance with customer demands, to include flexible and cost-efficient solutions, and to avert terrorist attacks especially of high-speed boats.


PAP Cable Transmission System for Mine Hunters

The project includes re-design, production, test, and launch-recovery installation of a transmission cabling system which communicates between Mine Hunter and the device in the sea.

Within the scope of R & D activities, Aykor Marinex Group is working on the project together with qualified test bodies.


Marmara Subsea Observations Research Center Project (MARDEP)

This R & D project mainly covers observation of oceanographic conditions of seafloor in Marmara Sea and realistic evaluation of natural disasters, earthquakes, and seasonal changes.

The project is being worked under university-industry collaboration with esteemed universities.