Defense Industry

During the period from its inception until today, activities in defense industry started with supply of material and spares, developed in parallel to growth targets and customer demands, and became “turn-key” program/project management vision related to system generation / supply and installation areas.

Within this scope, Aykor is takes place in various projects such as supply of spares for systems and equipments in the inventories of Land, Naval, Air Forces and Coast Guard Command, decoy systems and ammunitions, diving systems and equipments, search and rescue equipments, underwater repair and intervention systems, submarine battery materials, and armored fabric vest and helmet. “Turn-key” sub-system production / supply and installations are being realized within the scope of MELTEM program.

In addition to these, collaborates with South Korea Armed Forced, German Ministry of Defense and Naval Forces, and South Africa Ministry of Defense, especially in the projects related to supply of systems and spares. At the same time, also meets the requirements of NATO affiliates, as an approved NSPA supplier.

Other than military authorities, cooperation possibilities with industrial corporations and shipyards running defense programs are being developed for supply of spares, “turn-key” sub-system production / supply and installation.


  • Search, Rescue, and Life Support Equipments for Air Platforms

  • Passive Protection Systems for Sea / Land and Air Platforms

  • Passive protection Ammunition for Sea / Land and Air Platforms

  • Diving Systems and Equipments

  • Atmospheric Diving System for Deep Water Divings

  • Underwater Repair and Intervention Systems

  • Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV)

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

  • Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV)

  • Search and Rescue Equipments

  • Underwater Rescue Systems

  • Emergency Life Support Systems

  • Submarine and Torpedo Battery Materials

  • Sonar Sensors and Spares for Oceanographic Measurement and Detection Purposes

  • Oceanographic Observation and Measurement Equipments

  • Protective Fabric / Vest and Helmets

  • Protective Armor Systems

  • All kinds of Engines and Electronic System and Equipment Spares for Sea / Land and Air Platforms

  • Harbor Barrier Systems (Physical Defense)