Message from CEO


The world is changing at a rapid pace from almost all aspects of daily life; economically, politically, socially and technologically. The global trade is deeply affected by these changes greatly and every change provides us with other new challenges every day.

In this increasingly competitive and challenging environment, it has become imperative focus and constituted core business strategy and execution plans to align processes with the right solutions and technology to enhance performance, expand market share and increase returns on investments.

In light of the foregoing emphasis, AYKOR, together with MARINEX, is a product of a great dream which has started since 1982 and has taken place on a vast geography from Far East to U.S. including Europe. When you consider the world a single market generated by globalization, the dimension and density of competition between the companies can be understood better. In this hence, focusing on the markets for the Small and Medium size Enterprises (SME) emerges as a necessity. AYKOR who keeps this as foreground priority with her principal of “continuous awareness” has been globally participating in private, public and military tenders regarding procurements for systems, system integration, spare parts and supplies together with her sister company MARINEX as a strong group.

AYKOR-MARINEX group is dedicated to thinking one step ahead, developing new professional solutions to accommodate our clients’ modern needs. In this context, we execute our activities with the dedicated support of our liaison office in the USA, along with the representative companies located in South Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Greece and Australia. Furthermore, the depth of local content that we have secured through our successful joint venture initiatives is another indication of our just pride.

In addition to our Logistics superiority, with the Engineering and Project Management superiorities that we established with our dynamic team; organizations such as Turkish Ministry of Defense, Turkish Armed Forces (Land-Navy-Air Forces and Coast Guard), NAMSA (NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency), DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration of Republic of South Korea), German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB), German Navy, German Army, Shipyards, ARMSCOR (Armaments Corporation of South Africa) are in our client profile.

Our superiorities create differences in our business profile, as well. Besides our defense- oriented projects, with the different initiatives in the industrial fields and the endeavors proven whereupon; our company which is a solution partner on railways, gas and oil industry, power plants, scientific research and monitoring systems, carries on effective relations with TCDD, TULOMSAŞ, TUVASAŞ, İETT, Hellenic Railways, Deutsche Bahn, İTÜ, etc.

As a result of all stated expertise areas; we can proudly admit that AYKOR-MARINEX can supply all kinds of material through its international experience of years with the supplier net of more than 1500 manufacturers from 26 countries with the support of its international liaison offices/representatives.

Our pretentious goals will never end. Our near future goal is "to expand our company and proceed with an excellent solution partner understanding fortified with manufacturing".

As I put a stop to my words, once again, I would like to emphasize the slogan of

"Towards a stronger AYKOR-MARINEX future!"

with our esteemed partners, qualified clients and talented team.

Respectfully yours,

Chief Executive Officer