Sustainable Improvements and Innovation

Aykor has been in service since 1983 for establishments both domestic and international in terms of engineering services, logistics and project management.

During its first years of establishment, Aykor was focused on becoming a major supplier of spare parts to the Turkish Armed Forces, but as the years progressed Aykor has reshaped its vision to focus on projects in line with the developing needs and customer-oriented service principles in the following years. In this context, by establishing many partnerships in the fields of defense industry, public and civil industry with a supplier network consisting of more than 1500 domestic and foreign companies, Aykor has become a project management company, including design, supply, system installation, training, test-experience, spare parts and integrated logistics support.

In parallel of its Motto “constant change and innovation”, Aykor keeps working successfully on a global scale with its superior quality in association with its brother companies in the United States of America and Germany, representative companies in South Korea, Greece, Pakistan, and it’s office in Ankara

In this direction, Aykor has formed many partnerships with established foreign companies who are specialized in their fields in order to increase the local efforts and contribution in the before mentioned industries.

Aykor’s goal is to be able to use the knowledge, experience and company culture gained by being a multinational company for 40 years, in line with its philosophy and vision in different countries and represent itself to the best degree.