About Us

Since 1983, Aykor Maritime Engineering Construction Industry and Trade Inc. has been serving domestic and foreign corporations and enterprises on engineering, logistics and project management.

In the first years following its inception, Aykor has expanded areas of operation and shifted focus to projects from providing spare parts and supplies in the defense industry in order to meet changing customer needs. To accomplish this goal, it has established an international supplier chain consisting of over 1500 domestic and foreign corporations which generate solution partners in defense, public-private industrial areas, and became a company offering total project management including design, procurement, installation, training, trial, spare parts and integrated logistics services.

In parallel to its “continuous change and novelty” vision, Aykor carries on its global activities along with sister corporations in Germany and United States of America; Representatives in South Korea, Greece, Pakistan, Australia; a joint venture corporation in Turkey and a branch office in Ankara, with high quality principle.

By means of joint ventures founded in relevant sectors with the foreign corporations which are specialized in their areas and efforts to increase local content in defense and industry sectors, solution partnerships are being generated.

Based on our multi-national entity over 30 years, our mission is to take advantage of corporate culture and know how in other countries as well, through consortiums to be formed in accordance with company vision and work ethics.